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Polycarboxylate Ether Production Company in India
PCE Production Company in India

Ruia Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1975, in the light of a nascent and actively growing Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) industry in India.

We have grown with the industry and emerged as Market Leaders with over thirty years of experience in the manufacture of Unsaturated Polyester Resins, Bisphenols, Vinyl Esters and have earned the reputation of a quality producer thanks to our valued customers.

We have further integrated our activities to include the domains of FRP Pipes, FRP Tanks, FRP Lining as well as Construction Chemicals.


FRP Pipe in India

Polyester Resins
We are bulk producers of Synthetic Resins offering over thirty grades of Unsaturated Polyester Resins, catering to a wide range of FRP applications.
FRP Pipes

We manufacture FRP Pipes over a wide range of pipe sizes, pressure and stiffness classes and a variety of applications like Sewer, Drainage, Fire Fighting Networks, Tubewell Strainers, Water Transmission Pipelines, Effluent Lines, Industrial Waste etc.

We can execute Turnkey contracts for supply and installation of FRP Pipeline Networks.

FRP Tanks

We make FRP Pressure Tanks and cylinders for storage of various fluids including Potable Water, Chemicals, Foam, Crude and Petroleum Products.

Pipe Rehabilitation & FRP Lining

We execute old Water Transmission and Sewerage Rehabilitation Projects providing solutions in FRP. We also undertake FRP Lining of Steel Pipes and Large Diameter Tanks.

Construction Chemicals

We produce High Strength Concrete Chemicals, Third Generation Super-plasticizers, Water Proofing Chemicals and other Construction Chemicals.










Polyester Resin in India


Commitment to Quality

PCE in india
We are an ISO 9001:2000 registered company

FRP Tank, India We have a culture of Quality in the organization

Polycarboxylate, Ether We follow national, international product standards:

Resin : IS 6746, ASTM C 581

FRP Pipes : AWWA M45, IS 12709, API 15LR

FRP Tanks : BS 4994, ASTM D4021

Continual Product Development and Innovation

FRP Pipe Production Company in India Our organization is spearheaded by Technocrats

Polyester Resin Production Company in India We have a well-equipped lab and a dedicated research team with over 30 years of experience in Polyester Resins field

PCE Production Company in India We have a strong focus on new product and market development

Strong focus on Customer Satisfaction

FRP Tank in India We have a strong focus on customer satisfaction and feedback and engineer our products as per their specific requirements

In-house testing facilities

Polycarboxylate in Ether We have all in-house testing facilities as per requirements of IS 6746

FRP Pipe, India We have in-house testing facilities for tests relating to FRP Pipes and FRP Tanks as per applicable international standards

Indigenously developed Plant and Machinery

Polyester Resin, India This translates in better control of manufacturing process

PCE, india Better customization of manufacturing process as per market requirements

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