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FRP Pipe Production Company in India
PCE, india

We manufacture large diameter FRP tanks by filament winding techniques. These tanks have higher laminate strengths than conventional contact moulded tanks. Also, by virtue of filament winding, the FRP layer sequence generated exhibits optimal material characteristics as per design requirements, thus lowering raw material costs and consequently producing lighter, stronger and cheaper products.

Tanks are generally designed as per BS 4994 guidelines. However, customer's specification forms the sole basis of designing and testing FRP Tanks.

Polycarboxylate, Ether



Horizontal Cylindrical, Vertical Cylindrical, Rectangular, Panel Tanks


Upto 3 M Internal Diameter of Shell.

Capacity Cylindrical Tanks                    :   Single Unit - Upto 50 KL.
Rectangular Panel Tanks     :   1 M3 to 1200 M3

Working Pressure

Atmospheric to 15 Kg/cm2 (g)

Orthopthalic General Purpose, Isopthalic, Bisphenol, Vinyl Ester, Epoxy, Fire Retardant, Food Grade

Applicable Standards

BS 4994
ASTM D 4021
ASTM D 4097
UL 1316

Polyester Resin, India


Early Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks in Europe and USA were made of steel, some with an external coating, and others without it. After some years of service, it became apparent many of these steel tanks even if they had a supposedly adequate protective coating. Studies showed that almost 27% of steel tanks, even after protective coating, were leaking after 15 years. The cause of the leaks was attributed to a wide variety of metal corrosion.

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) of the USA introduced strict regulations to protect tanks from polluting ground water resources. This led the American Petroleum Institute (API) to facilitate development of corrosion resistant FRP Tanks and to encourage its use in the USA .

With the passing years, FRP has emerged as the favoured material of construction for Underground Storage Tanks, globally. By 1988, CHEVRON had replaced and upgraded 75% of their steel tanks with FRP Tanks. By 1989, MOBIL OIL had replaced 90% of their steel tanks with non-corrosive fiberglass. Studies show that FRP Tanks installed 30 years back in USA are giving trouble-free service even in highly corrosion-prone areas.

Indian soils are reported to have one of the highest soil corrosivity in the world. Replacement of all underground steel tanks with FRP Tanks is an eventuality. FRP offers immense potential and great advantages as the material of construction for Storage Tanks.

In India , the oil and natural gas industry has now started embracing this global trend, with new Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks being made in FRP. Also, older tanks are being replaced by their FRP counterparts.

FRP Tank, India


FRP Pipe, India Corrosion Resistant
PCE in india Maintenance Free
Polycarboxylate in Ether Long Service Life of over 50 years without replacement or maintenance
Polyester Resin in India Safe for Environment
FRP Tank in India Light Weight Easier Handling
FRP Pipe in India Smooth Inner Surface Lower Sludge Formation, Lower Cleaning costs
Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata Leak Proof Saves Material Loss

Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata

All nozzles for our FRP Tanks are FRP Flanges, integrally moulded with the FRP Tank body. Flanges are fabricated as per numerous Bolt Dimension Systems like ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS etc. as specified by client.

Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata

FRP Tanks being light in weight offer great advantages for material handling. They require handling equipments of considerably lower capacity, thereby easing installation.Further, they require lighter foundation and thus help reduce overall costs.Also once installed, they are virtually maintenance free.

Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata

Repair of FRP Tanks for Transit Damage or Damage due to poor handling can be easily carried out at site in a very short notice, by our skilled site teams.

Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata

Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata Potable Water Storage Tanks
Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks
Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata Chemical Storage Tanks
Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata Large Capacity Panel Tanks
Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata Mobile Tanks mounted on Trailers
Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata High Pressure Light Weight Cylinders (upto 200 kg/cm 2)

Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata

Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata  We have supplied numerous FRP Sump Tanks and FRP Aboveground AFFF Storage Tanks to IOCL Pipelines and they are all in satisfactory operation till date.

Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata  We have manufactured and Pressure Tested 2 M Dia FRP Tanks upto 10 kg/cm2 (g) for Indian Military Applications.

Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata  We are registered with Engineers' India Ltd. (EIL) as approved manufacturers of FRP Tanks.

Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata We are approved vendors for oil majors like IOCL and ONGC

Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata  FRP Tanks of capacities larger than 50 KL can be fabricated in symmetric sections, transported to site and assembled there with ease.

Ruia, Chemicals in Kolkata  Similarly Rectangular Panel Tanks of capacities ranging from 1 M3 to 1200 M3 can be fabricated in rectangular panel sections, transported to site and assembled there.

Please refer to our Case Studies and contact us for further information.


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