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With increasing emphasis on conforming to environmental legislation and targets many companies are benefiting from our onsite GRP Lining services. GRP Lining has an indefinite life expectancy. Chemical attack should therefore not occur even in the event of lengthy clean up delays or continual spillage.

GRP Lining is a very cost effective alternative to replacement. In many cases, a capital saving of as much as 80% of the cost of replacement can be made. Subject to lining specification, the life expectancy of a steel vessel can be extended at least 20 years beyond its normal service expectation. Glass Reinforced plastic is the material of the 21st century. It is economical, versatile and hardwearing. It can be combined with different resins and additives to offer a chemical resistance for most storage environments.

A GRP lining will completely and seamlessly seal the leaking sewers/ducts and is unaffected by settlement of hairline cracks and remains maintenance free for up to 50 years and more. It offers new life to damaged and eroded walls providing a long term and secure environment at a fraction of the cost of a total rebuild. Internal wall and floor surfaces are prepared by gritblasting, or a similar technique and failed surfaces repaired. A suitable GRP lining is then selected and applied on site by our highly skilled workforce. Existing sewers/ducts of insufficient capacity can be easily upgraded.


The preparation of the surface to be lined will vary from project to project. For example high-pressure gritblasting will invariably be used to clean the inside walls of tanks or to remove the glaze from quarry tiles. On weak metal structures the best option may be mechanical cleaning. Steam cleaning, acetone wiping or simple brushing are among the alternatives we can suitably employ.

Where existing surfaces have deteriorated it is usually still possible to apply G.R.P. However, it should be noted that the linings will follow the contours of that to which it is applied. For example, when covering wall tiles or breeze blocks the shape of these can still be discerned albeit grout and cement lines are softened.

Resins used on vertical surfaces contain thixotropic agents to prevent drainage, runs or drips. Floor linings contain no thixotropic agents and are therefore self levelling Accordingly minor irregularities in the floor surfaces can be lost depending on the chosen system.


GRP Lining has diverse applications across industries. Some of the application industries / products where we offer our services are:

 Water Transmission Pipelines
 Chemical Storage Tanks
 Tank Roof Lining
 Structural Strengthening
 Corrosion Resistance for Structurals
 Municipal Water Storage Tanks
 Cooling Towers
 Chemical Plants
 Fire Fighting Networks
 Cross country Pipeline Networks
 Other Pipeline Networks


We have successfully executed spot repairs on 48” C.I. Water Transmission Pipelines operating at 3 Kg/cm2, for Kolkata Municipal Corporation by external lay-up.

We are also actively participating in various Sewer Rehabilitation Projects pan India.

Please refer to our Case Studies and contact us for further information.