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PCE in india
FRP Pipe, India

Plastics can be broadly classified into two categories:

FRP Tank, India Thermoplastics: Once cast (solidified), they can be melted again and recast.
   Eg. Poly-Propylene, Poly-Vinyl-Chloride etc.

Polyester Resin, India Thermosets: Once set or cast, they cannot be melted again. They form a Permanent Solid Structure.
   Eg. Unsaturated Polyester Resins, Epoxy Resin.

Unsaturated Polyester Resins are formed when organic dibasic acids or anhydrides are reacted with a glycol. The resultant ester undergoes co-polymerization in a self sustaining reaction forming Unsaturated Polyester and is then blended with an organic solvent.

When a peroxide is added to this liquid resin, the un-saturation breaks and interlinking chains are formed solidifying the polyester into a permanent structure.

Unlike Thermoplastics, Polyester Resins are usually reinforced with natural/synthetic fibres.

Thus strength of the resultant object is not imparted by the bulk of the resin but rather by the mechanical properties of the reinforcement. This Result in:

Polycarboxylate, Ether Lighter weight of the material
PCE, india Superior Mechanical Properties (Comparable to steel and other metals)
FRP Pipe Production Company in India Corrosion Resistance (imparted by the polymer)
FRP Tank Production Company in India Design Flexibility
Polyester Resin Production Company in India Low tooling costs

Polycarboxylate Ether Production Company in India

Manufacturing of broad range of products including pipes, tanks, light poles, Building Panels, boats, structural parts for automobiles, trains, aircrafts etc.

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