Products : FRP Pipes


Our Fibrebond range of filament-wound FRP Pipes offer high quality, high strength, cost effective and long lasting solutions to fluid transmission systems.

Our in-house resin production, indigenously developed, fully automated CNC filament winders, thrust on continual Research & Development, adherence to national and international standards for Design and Testing, together with a robust ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System ensure highest standards of products and Customer Satisfaction.

We undertake complete Pipeline Network Construction Projects from concept, design and layout to supply, installation, testing and commissioning.


Distinct advantages of our Filament-wound pipes over conventional steel pipes are:

Light Weight 1/4 th the weight of Mild Steel
Easier handling
Faster installation
Total Corrosion Resistance Most suitable for saline and various chemical Environments
Zero maintenance No coating required. No anodic / cathodic protection required.
Smooth Inner Surface

Hazen-William co-efficient of 150
Lower Pump Rating, Lesser Pumping costs, Lower Pipe size
Substantial Cost Reduction in Initial Capital Investment, Operation Costs

Optimal Design Pressure Pipes designed for 55o Winding Angle
Optimally designed for Hoop and Axial Strength Requirements
Design can be customized for different Chemical and Mechanical Properties
Easy Installation No welding required
Easy installation procedures by Bell & Spigot Joints
No requirement of skilled labour for jointing
Faster installation.
Long Service Life Service Life of more than 50 years without deterioration in Mechanical or Chemical Properties.


We manufacture the following range of FRP Pipes:


Internal Diameter

ASTM D 3567

25 to 3000



ASTM D 3567

3.05 to 12.00



IS 6746

General Purpose, Isopthallic,Epoxy, Bisphenol,Vinyl Ester, Fire Retardant, Other Grades


Jointing System


Bell-Spigot, Butt & Wrap, Flange Coupling.


Internal Working Pressure

 IS 12709, IS 14402, AWWA M45, API 15 LR

Upto 75


Hoop Tensile Strength

ASTM D 1599



Axial Tensile Strength

ASTM D 2105



Pipe Stiffness

ASTM D 2412

124 to 5000


Winding Angle


0to 90o
Pressure Pipes usually wound at 55o


Pipes confirm to the above mentioned ASTM & IS standards.

Winding Angle can be adjusted from 0o to 90o as per mechanical requirements of the products. Likewise, the Hoop and Axial Tensile Strengths of the Pipe vary as a function of the Winding Angle.

Lower diameter pipes for upto 200 kg/cm2 Internal Pressure can be fabricated as per requirements. 


Each Pipe is subjected to the following control checks:

Visual Inspection
Barcol Hardness
Wall Thickness
Total Length
Internal Diameter
Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Further, the following checks are performed on a sampling basis:

Hoop Tensile Strength
Axial Tensile Strength
Pipe Stiffness
Hydrostatic Pressure Test to Failure (Burst Pressure Test)

Applicable ASTM standards are followed for the above tests.


For standard buried applications, pipe is provided with FRP Bell & Spigot couplings featuring two elastomeric rubber seals. These joints allow for angular deflections ranging from 3.0 degrees up to 0.5 degree depending on pipe diameter. They are easy to assemble and provide a water-tight joint under all normal operating conditions for all diameters.

Pipes can be provided with plain ends for butt-wrap joints and with threaded joints, on request. 


We manufacture the required fittings and specials for our FRP Pipeline Network.

All FRP to Steel interfaces are usually Flanged couplings. FRP Flanges are matched to their Steel counterparts. We follow bolt dimension systems such as ANSI, DIN, BS, JIS as per clients' requirement. 


Proper handling and installation of FRP Pipes are necessary for long life and good performance.

FRP Pipes for underground service are designed to utilize the bedding and pipe zone backfill support. This can be achieved by proper grading of backfill material and adequate compaction of backfill.

We have skilled teams for efficient installation of the pipe network. We follow AWWA M 45 recommendations for both underground and aboveground pipe installations. 


Potable Water Transmission
Sewer and Waste Water Networks
Fire-fighting Networks
River and Sea-water intake
Oil-Water Separation Networks
Chemical Process Plants
Crude Oil Transportation
Gas Transportation Pipelines
Large Irrigation Pipelines
Power Plant Penstocks
Power Plant circulating and Cooling Water Lines


We undertake large pipelines projects like the 20,000 M FRP Fire-water Network for Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Pipelines Division for IOCL Paradeep Tank Farms.

  We supply pipes and strainers to Municipal bodies for Potable Water     supplies and Sewer     Lines.

  We are registered with Engineers' India Ltd. (EIL) as approved    manufacturers of FRP     Pipes.

  Approved vendors for oil majors like IOCL and ONGC

Please refer to our Case Studies and contact us for further information.