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FRP Pipes

Fibre reinforced plastics

FRP Pipes

In the world of construction, Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP) provides a natural breather due to their environmental benefits.  Before when mostly rough and polluting materials like cement and steel were used to build most of the things around,  FRPs now has become a considerable replacement to most of the construction-related bodies.

FRP Pipes - Why Choose FRP Pipes

why choose FRP Pipes

  • Light Weight

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • High Strength to weight ratio

  • Good electrical properties; ideal for underground cables, street poles, High Transmission Line Insulators, etc.

FRP Products - FRP

One of the best FRP Manufacturers

Efficient and qualitative pipes

Today, as FRP Manufacturers of pipes we realize its attained success because of its exponential use in various sectors like Aerospace, Defense, Building and Construction, Transportation & Marine, Electrical, Industrial Appliances, Chemical, Oil & Natural Gas, Water supply, Irrigation, and in several other industries.  Thus, at Ruia Chemicals, we manufacture sustainable FRP Pipes which possess all the advantages of FRP. We understand small and big requirements that hugely determine the quality of the pipes. With a great team of researchers, we have been producing efficient and qualitative pipes ideal for use in various sectors all over India. This has significantly turned us into one of the best FRP Manufacturers in India.

High quality, strength, cost effective and long lasting solutions to fluid transmission systems

Our Fibrebond range of filament-wound FRP Pipes offer high quality, high strength, cost effective and long lasting solutions to fluid transmission systems.

Our in-house resin production, indigenously developed, fully automated CNC filament winders, thrust on continual Research & Development, adherence to national and international standards for Design and Testing, together with a robust ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System ensure highest standards of products and Customer Satisfaction.

We undertake complete Pipeline Network Construction Projects from concept, design and layout to supply, installation, testing and commissioning.

FRP Products - FRP
Concrete Admixture Manufacturers In India - Poly Carboxylate Ether

We undertake large pipelines projects like the 20,000 M FRP Fire-water Network for Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Pipelines Division for IOCL Paradeep Tank Farms.

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Why Us


    We supply pipes and strainers to Municipal bodies for Potable Water supplies and Sewer Lines.


    We are registered with Engineers' India Ltd. (EIL) as approved manufacturers of FRP Pipes.


    Approved vendors for oil majors like IOCL and ONGC

diversified uses

varied industrial applications

FRP Pipe Manufacturers In India - Potable Water Transmission

Potable Water Transmission

FRP Pipe Manufacturers In India - Waste Water Network

Sewer and Waste Water Networks

FRP Pipe Manufacturers In India - Fire Fighting Network

Fire-fighting Networks

FRP Pipe Manufacturers In India - Acid Resistant Pipe

River and Sea-water intake

FRP Tank Manufacturers In India - Oil Storage Tank

Oil-Water Separation Networks

FRP Pipes - Gas Transportation Pipeline

Gas Transportation Pipelines

Polyester Resin - Public Utilities

Power Plant Penstocks

FRP Pipes - Power Plant Circulating

Power Plant circulating and Cooling Water Lines

FRP Pipes - Chemical Plant

Chemical Process Plants