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Fibre reinforced plastics

FRP Tanks

Tanks that were initially made of steel with enough coating did not prove to be ample enough to store gallons of oil. Back in countries like Europe and the USA, underground petroleum tanks started leaking after a certain point in time. The evident reason behind it was metal corrosion that hugely polluted the groundwater. There did arise a lot of environmental concerns as a result of which the American Insitute of Petroleum came up with the idea of FRP Tank.

This gave a rapid blow to replacing steel tanks with FRP Manufactured Tanks. Many recognized oil storage companies replaced steel tanks with FRP Tanks within days of their introduction in the market.  Steel tanks were prone to corrosion within 15 years, whereas FRP tanks withheld showing corrosive indications even after 30 years.

FRP Tank Manufacturers In India - Why Choose FRP Tanks

why choose FRP Tank

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Maintenance Free

  • Long Service Life

  • Light Weight – Easier Handling

  • Smooth Inner Surface – Lower Sludge Formation, Lower Cleaning costs

  • Leak Proof – Saves Material Loss

FRP Tanks - Customer's Convenience

Our guiding factor

Customer's Convenience

At Ruia Chemicals FRP Tanks are made with large diameters and possess higher laminate strengths. Moreover, the filament winding techniques in the FRP tanks enable optimal material characteristics as per design requirements which facilitate in decreasing raw material costs and consequently produces lighter, stronger, and cheaper products. Nevertheless, the nozzles of the FRP tanks are fabricated with the customer’s convenience as per numerous Bolt Dimension Systems like ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS, etc. as specified by the client. Ultimately, the customer’s brief becomes a guiding factor for us to customize FRP Tanks.

High quality, Lighter, Stronger, cost effective and Customizable

We manufacture large diameter FRP tanks by filament winding techniques. These tanks have higher laminate strengths than conventional contact moulded tanks. Also, by virtue of filament winding, the FRP layer sequence generated, exhibits optimal material characteristics as per design requirements, thus lowering raw material costs and consequently producing lighter, stronger and cheaper products.

Tanks are generally designed as per BS 4994 guidelines. However, customer’s specification forms the sole basis of designing and testing FRP Tanks.

FRP Tanks - FRP Tank Suppliers
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India where the soil is mostly corrosive also saw a gradual influx of FRP Tanks. Hence, in due process, FRP Tank Manufacturers were also getting established in India. Today, almost all industries use FRP Tanks. Being in this industry  as FRP Products Manufacturers for more than 30 years, we can  proudly display the types of work that we have done.

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Why Us


    We have supplied numerous FRP Sump Tanks and FRP Aboveground AFFF Storage Tanks to IOCL Pipelines and they are all in satisfactory operation till date.


    We have manufactured and Pressure Tested 2 M Dia FRP Tanks up to 10 kg/cm2 (g) for Indian Military Applications. We are registered with Engineers' India Ltd. (EIL) as approved manufacturers of FRP Tanks.


    FRP Tanks of capacities as large as 77 KL have been fabricated in symmetric sections, transported to the site, and assembled there with ease.


    FRP Tanks of capacities as large as 50 KL have been fabricated at our works and have been safely exported to Nepal. These tanks are currently operating successfully.


    Similarly, Rectangular Panel Tanks of capacities ranging from 1 M3 to 1200 M3 can be fabricated in rectangular panel sections, transported to the site, and assembled there

diversified uses

varied industrial applications

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Potable Water Storage Tanks

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Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks

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Chemical Storage Tank

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High-Pressure Light Weight Cylinders (up to 200 kg/cm 2)